Javascriptkit.com review

For all you creative web designers and coders out there here is a great site that is really a must for anyone who is serious about programming in JavaScript for the web:
JavaScript Kit (http://www.javascriptkit.com/)

This site not only offers excellent tutorials, but also has a great JavaScript reference that includes tips for writing cross-browser compatible code, as well as ready to use examples and snippets so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel. It also includes a DOM Reference and DHTML tutorials which can be seen as extensions of JavaScript.

As stated before this site offers tips on how write cross-browser compatible code which is a very important issue for JavaScript developers. Something which most people are not aware of and is quite surprising to new coders is that JavaScript for IE, more accurately called JScript, is a completely separate language from JavaScript for Standards Compliant browsers (FireFox, Chrome, etc.), a.k.a. ECMAScript, regardless of the similarity in syntax and keywords. Internet Explorer's blatant disregard for standards (which is the bane of a web designer's existence) makes it necessary for developers to write code for both browsers in order to make web applications work.

Something else which is surprising to most people is that JavaScript has almost nothing in common with Java except both being cross-platform OOP languages released at about the same time. Rather than being derived from Java (except in name) JavaScript is actually derived from C++ and was originally called ECMAScript, which is derived from the ECMA standards agency who originally created JavaScript for Mozilla and the Netscape Navigator browser. IE only later come along with their own propriety equivalent which they termed JScript.

Another site which may not be as comprehensive, but is still a very good for beginner JavaScript  designers is: W3Schools.com's JavaScript Tutorials

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